Friday, 26 August 2016

Dedicated to My Husband!

Ten years of knowing each other. I know him. I love him. I know him inside out. Better than he does himself. An ultra caring, sincere, practical, not-so romantic guy (though I would have loved had the word ‘romantic’ been without the ‘not-so’!).

It has been a different kind of life, a different kind of relationship with him, a little unusual. Not exactly what I had dreamt of. But it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, it takes years to realize how God and his diligent teacher, Life, have planned things out for you, their lesson plan always ready in an unusual way.

An introvert metro girl meets the effervescent small town boy. Very different people from very different backgrounds! It is destiny that we met and hit it off despite being so distinct. I think we appreciated in each other what we were not. I loved listening to him while he loved talking, nonstop! Me being a die-hard romantic and there he stands on the other end of the line. While I am a bibliomaniac, he can doze off even at the sight of a book. He is a fashion capsule while I am quite laidback. He loves to cook while I appreciate being at the other side of the table. We, the stark contrast! I wonder what keeps us bound together!

He is a friend, companion, mentor, critic, motivator, my support system. Too many roles fitted into one. But sometimes does play a nutcase as well.

I love the fact that he is always there for me like a rock. He has made me appreciate life from an angle I never knew existed. He has made me a stronger person by every means. I simply adore the fact that he has accepted my flaws as if they don’t exist. I never knew that at some point in my life I would feel a void unless I told a guy about the activities of my day.

Nobody is perfect. In fact, perfect is a subjective word. Everyone has his own perception of perfect. You don’t have to be doing all the things altogether. Each and every one of us has some shortcomings. Accepting things the way they are puts you at ease. A lot ease. So chill out buddy and stop playing James Bond!

Just be a little more expressive and vocal. You are everything a woman can dream of. How sufficing it is to know that you are there, for me, always!! Maybe I have said this more than once here, but that is actually how I feel.

I have seen the best and the worst of you. And I choose to stay, forever!

PS: I Love You!


  1. Omg cuties!! Both of just stay blessed! :* :* my favorite out of all my mama mamis. :D